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Married women, how often do you get told by your single friends that you have turned boring after your wedding? Every time you cancel a plan and prefer to stay at home?


At the beginning of a marriageeverything feels new and exciting. You've got romantic date nights planned weeks in advance, and what may become future annoyances are just endearing little quirks that make you love your spouse even more. But unfortunately, that honeymoon stage won't last forever. Eventually, things are going to simmer down, and you might even find yourself feeling, well, bored. Luckily, that feeling doesn't mean your marriage is doomed.

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All it means is that you might need to devote a bit more time and energy into making things exciting again. Read on to discover why you might be feeling bored in your marriage, along with expert-backed tips for how to get things back on track.

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As time goes by, you might feel like you know everything there is to know about your partner. But they've still got more layers, we promise! Patrick WanisPhD. The same thing goes for your partner, which means you should never stop asking them questions and getting to know them. When you begin a relationship, you have a of expectations, whether it's about how exciting things should be, how available your partner should be, or how comfortable they should make you feel.

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But as the relationship goes on and circumstances change, you need to adjust your expectations as well. Is that expectation fair and reasonable or are you expecting something that your partner can no longer fulfill? It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but finding ways to surprise your spouse, whether with a gift or a thoughtful act, can keep your marriage feeling fresh, staving off those feelings of boredom.

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What does your partner need to feel loved? There are five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Each person has two primary love languages that describe how they feel loved the most. Interactions with your partner will be a lot more engaging and fun when you are able to fully understand how you each receive love. For help with where to start, take the Five Love Languages Quiz and have your partner take it, too.

Married women who have affairs are happy in their relationships but are just 'bored' in the bedroom, study finds

Food is one of the easiest ways to bond with your partner. Wanis says that he even considers it to be the sixth love language. Sure, everyone loves to be swept off their feet by huge romantic gestures. But don't think the only way your relationship will feel exciting is if you're acting on a whim like the couples in your favorite romantic comedy.

That's just not realistic most of the time.

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Having a hum-drum daily routine can make any relationship feel boring. Try new restaurants, new hobbies, and new places to visit. If you enjoy it, perfect! If not, laugh about it and vow never to do it again. Either way, getting out of your comfort zone ensures you won't be bored.

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Plus, "it's been proven that those who do new things together build 'the cuddle hormone' oxytocin and feel closer for longer," says California-based psychotherapist Dr. Barton GoldsmithPhD. When you get into a relationship, most couples establish goals together. But as time goes on and you reach those goals, it's pivotal to establish new ones to strive for. If not, you're bound to feel unenthused about the future.

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Continuing to encourage and support each other in reaching your goals—whether solo or as a couple—ultimately increases the love you have for each other. As Goldsmith says, "Happiness comes from moving toward what you want, not necessarily getting it. If you're noticing that you feel a bit bored in your marriage, simply try sharing more. In order to bond with your partneryou must be willing to open up and be vulnerable. And doing so can come in many different forms.

It can be the sharing of experiences," says Wanis. Need a place to start? Try discussing some of your favorite shared experiences. Not only will doing so remind you of great times, but it'll also open you up and give you more ideas for your next adventure!

On the other side of that coin, don't be afraid to be your own person. Couples who spend too much time together can easily start to feel bored, or even worse, frustrated.

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Try finding new hobbies of your own and experiencing things away from your spouse sometimes. It'll only give you more to share with them and make it more exciting when you reunite.

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Accepting the fact that things will feel boring sometimes is an important step in fixing the problem. After all, as Stanford University neuroscientist Russell Poldrack noted in an article for HuffPost"novelty causes a of brain systems to become activated, and foremost among these is the dopamine system. But being able to recognize your biological need for novelty and responding accordingly will ensure you and your partner don't suffer. Firstein says that once you start feeling safe and secure in your relationshipthat's when you get lazy, complacent, and yes, bored.

Married women who have affairs are happy in their relationships but are 'bored' in the bedroom

Of course, after years of building a relationship with someone, it can be easy to think of what they do for you and your family as a normal part of life. But it's important that you don't take your partner for granted and that you constantly express gratitude for who they are and the impact they have on your life and happiness.

You'll be surprised how much zest that can bring back into your marriage.

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Sexual boredom is a common plague on long-term relationships. But how? Well, try voicing ideas with your partner and explore new ways to please each other. Just talking about sex can make your sex life a lot more exciting. Technology is something many of us rely on heavily nowadays.

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But your relationship can become stale quickly if you're constantly attached to your phone. To avoid falling victim to " phubbing ," Firstein suggests instituting some phone-free time each day. Spending time together as a family is important, of course, but the only time you spend time with your partner shouldn't be at your kids' school plays or soccer games. Frankly, if those are your date nights, you're bound to feel a bit bored.

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Make sure you take time away from the kids to enjoy each other without distractions. The pace of life today is so frenetic that few couples do this. But marriages are capable of change, and small changes can make big differences.

Children can consume a lot of your time and focus.

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And once they grow up and leave the houseyou and your partner can feel like you no longer have anything in common. But rather than deeming your relationship boring without the kids, try to see it as the perfect opportunity to rekindle your romance. Firstein suggests thinking of it as a new phase in your relationship. It could be a very exciting time," she says. It's easy to feel stuck in a rut if you're not including other people in your life besides your partner.

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So don't let your friendships fall by the wayside after you tie the knot. Your relationship with your partner will grow once you have other people in your lives. Obviously, career is importantbut don't let it be all-consuming. One of the easiest ways to make sure your career doesn't affect your marriage is to avoid logging back on once you get home. If that's not possible, set aside at least two or three nights a week that are always devoted to family time.

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When you're feeling bored in your marriage, it's easy to point fingers. However, there could be some internal issues that are affecting how you interact with your partner. Are we having stressors at work? What's going on with our own disconnect that might be causing a disconnect in your relationship? Being able to reconnect with yourself can allow you to reconnect with your partner, too. Some people think that when you're in a relationship for a long time, you will inevitably outgrow each other.

But that's hardly the case. Don't assume having a boring relationship is inevitable.

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Wo men who cheat on their husbands are happily married but just 'bored' in the bedroom, a new study has found.


Wo men who cheat on their husbands are happily married but just 'bored' in the bedroom, a new study has found.


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