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Matthew's mother Megan Boler just thought her new baby had bucked the trend of family trait of large round he.


The fashion world is growing, inclusive of body positivity and plus size fashion. Nevertheless, there is a void to fill when coming to ideas on different style statements and fashionable looks. With these haircuts ideas, you too can now in with unique and beautiful style to flaunt out effortlessly. These hairstyles for fat faces help trim down and balance out your face structure and give you the best looks.

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Our favourite and top picks for contemporary, modern, easy and cute hairstyles for fat faced overweight females here we go. Now is the time you embrace chubbiness and turn into your beauty. This bob smooth and super straight hair texture look is fantastic that we cannot take our eyes off. Be it for formal and professional looks or party and light casual-contemporary trends; the short hair length haircut is versatile.

This hairstyle for fat faces is the best fit for looking for an ideal multi-purpose look. If you assume that the sleek short pixie cut look is only for mainstream beauty definition, we prove you wrong! This lovely short pixie haircut for those with fat and chubby faces can look beautiful too. Redefine the beauty standards with this colourful pixie haircut, and we bet you are good to go and make a new revolutionary trend in the fashion market. What do you think? Here is our top lovely and bubbly idea of curly hairstyles for fat faces.

Be it if you have medium or long length hair, this curly haircut can look amazing and no less than gorgeous.

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It completely transforms the way one looks with chubby or round, oval faces, and can ultimately make the appearance look sleek and edgy. Be it for parties or gatherings with friends; this curly haircut for women is a must-try! Besides bob, if you prefer to have a bit longer length in the same variant, what best than the long bob. Also called and popular as lob haircut, this look is already trendy for fat and chubby faces.

It enhances the entire appearance and makes one appear very sleek and modern. Be it for traditional, trendy style or ultra-modern edgy looks; this hairstyle is a go-to style for several women across age groups. With a variety of trendy looks that are trending across the globe, you even have long hairstyles options besides the short or mid-length haircuts. If you have a round chubby face, the ultimate aim is to make your face appear sleek and tone down the chubby looks.

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What best for this than to try out bangs?! With the mild curly hair with front bangs, this hairstyle is one of our absolute favourites for those with fat faces. We entirely love the way it elevates anyone into appearing elite and modern. Another possible idea in the bangs haircut for short hair is this lovely curly short haircut. This almost resembles the bob haircut but is paired with long bangs and a cute hairband. So, girls, why wait, try this out if you love it and undoubtedly, this can make anyone appear youthful.

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If you are looking for an easy haircut for fat face, and for those women who are in the older age group such as above 50 years or 50 years, what best than this one. These short hairstyles for fat oval faces for females are lovely and can look contemporary and youthful for any middle or older woman who wears it. As they say, age is just aand you can prove it right with this beautiful and elegant hairstyle. Do you have super curly hair?

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Do you prefer too short hair, but are you apprehensive about how it is going to look with chubby faces? This short curly hair for fat round faces is one of our top favourite pick for today. Be it any season and be it any event, this versatile haircut can rock it all with the right fit and perfect ideal style statement. Go with formals or casuals or party wear; it will give gorgeous and sleek look effortlessly. For a formal and professional look and having thin hair may be a concern for many.

But this recent hairstyle has got it all. This haircuts for fat faces and thin hair are stylish and modern but give an exquisite look and yet easy to maintain. It is ideal for those women who have busy schedules and have less grooming time, yet want an efficient and quick look as a hack!

What do you think about this one? Read: Short Hairstyles for Small Faces. Well, we have heard enough of layer haircuts. It has been probably among the most coveted and fashionable styles for many girls and women across countries and the globe.

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But if you have a fat and chubby face, we do understand layer may not be the right fit. But why compromise? This short layered haircuts with textured way, and for round fat faces is nothing but perfect. If you have medium hair length, what best than this lovely look. This hairstyle is apt for those who do not want too long hair and are sceptical about a too-short haircut.

With side bangs, smooth hair texture, this hairstyle is for all those who have round and chubby fat faces. If you prefer a step up in the fashion game, style this haircut with hair colour as you wish, and you can easily enhance the entire simple haircut to the next level. Hairdos and buns are probably the easiest and yet adorable hairstyles.

Often, women assume that hair buns can make oneself appear chubbier. The above picture is not necessarily super cute and lovely for those women who have fat faces too. With the easy tie updo, we quite love the way how this hairstyle fits well for a simple, mesmerizing and beautiful look in no time! Get away with the scepticism and try out these everyday looks irrespective of a facial feature, and you can still look cute! Those with small chubby faces can also achieve this easy and comfortable boy cut variant as shown above.

Not only is it very simple and convenient to manage on a usual basis, but it is also a versatile western trend of haircut, ideal for professional looks, fashion world, as well as casual everyday party wear and outings.

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This middle-parted straight textured loose hair is the most vintage and classic look we can ever come across. This is already widely popular as a classic celebrity trend in the 60s and 70s and is now back in fashion.

40 different hairstyles for fat and chubby face women

Those women who prefer to have that old-school glow and graceful charm around them must try this. Undoubtedly, this is going to set anyone apart! Here is another lovely hairstyle with a red colour. This red-coloured hair with dense waves across and side-parted small bangs looks dazzling.

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It gives a classic vibrant look and blends in well with the modern and contemporary hairstyles in the fashion world. Further, with the dense waves falling around the face, it can sharpen the facial features and make oneself appear elegant and luminous. A side-swept bang is an ideal way to style where fat faces are concerned. It will bring the entire attention to the eyes rather than the cheeks. Make sure the bangs are light in nature to add the right dimensions. A cut with consistent layers that are of different lengths is a perfect one for fat faces. Some of them can be short and the rest can belong in nature.

The shortest strands can be of chin-length in nature.

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It is perfect for both straight hair and soft locks. Leave them loose and see how well it will complement as an ideal hairstyle for fat face. By half up doing the hair, you can create a slim look for the fat faces. This will pull up all the hair from the face but some of the hair strands can be kept on the face to frame it well.

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Again, this will shift the focus to the eyes rather than the cheeks and is an ideal hairstyle for fat face. One of the best hairstyles for fat and chubby faces comes from short and sharp bob style, especially if you have short hair length. An added benefit is that the look is highly trendy. It helps in defining the bond structure of the face. But what matters is the right bob you choose as the hairstyle for chubby face. Read: Best Hairstyles for Square Faces. Those with a fat face but long hair length can easily get the style of long waves done.

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Along with giving the right lift, it also adds body to the hair that is very much needed for fat faces. The versatility of the style is one of the benefits. It perfectly frames the face and outlines your face well.

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Pixie cuts are fantastic and very stylish for those who want to have the right hairstyle for their fat face. A cropped pixie cut helps in setting off the fat face and makes the neck looks longer. It is a kind of perfect haircut for fat faces that one can use for creating the illusion.

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